Termite Control: Identifying Pests And Their Damage

Are termites scaring you? If so, you are not the only one. Each year, the termite species pose billion-dollar damages to homes. And, the homeowners have to spend thousands of dollars to correct the termite damage. This blog will assist you in identifying and saving your structure from termites. We further provide you with effective termite prevention tips and accurate use of termite controls. 

How To Know If You Have Termites? 

The prime step in prevention is to stay alert for pests. Termites hardly emerge from the mud, soil tubes or food items by which they are living. Furthermore, you may not be aware of termites at home till you observe serious damage. Some common ways to detect termite presence are given below:

  • Search for hollow spaces in exposed woods. You may use a  screwdriver for effective probing. 
  • Identification of right termites. Sometimes the ant swarms are wrongly considered as termites. 


  • Ants usually have long front wings as compared to hind wings.
  • Antennae usually turned around ninety degrees. 


  • Wings are usually equal throughout.
  • Termites have straight antennas.

However, commonly found termites in Australia are- Mastotermes darwiniensis and heterotermes ferox. However, the less known termites here are drywood termites. 

How To Prevent Termite Infestation? 

  • Make The Home Less Attractive For Termites 
  • At the time of construction, make use of concrete foundation and leave spaces for healthy ventilation. Moreover, there must be enough space between soil and wood.
  • Follow Termite Control Features 
  1. Post-construction, maintain dry soil around the foundation of your home’s structure. 
  2. Decrease the openings that provide entry points for termites. Filling up the cracks, voids and cavities with cement or grout is acceptable.
  3. Fix any water leak immediately. 
  4. Ensure that shrubs and trees are not too close to the wooden decks, windows, and doors. 
  5. Inspect regularly to make sure that there is no termite colony inside your premises. 
  6. Keep the vents free from clogging’s. Also, remove unwanted plants from pipes.
  • Select A Termite Control Company Wisely

Companies giving termite control services should have certifications, licenses and proper baits and techniques. Observe your chosen company closely, check for reviews and select the suitable termite control plan accordingly. 

Termite Damages & Actions Required For Them 

#Damage 01- Property damage by termites

Termites cause heavy damage to buildings & need to be corrected by professional termite controllers in Moreton Bay. If you found any evidence like shredded wings, or dead termites in or around a building, seek professional aid. Call for a termite inspection service as soon as possible. 

Common questions that you may ask from termite management provider:

  • Are termites still damaging your home or is it happening from an existing old infestation? 
  • Even if there is no termite on your property, what can be the prevention tip to prevent future termite infestations? 

Action To Control Termite Damage

  • Avoid touching or breaking the suspicious termite damage
  • Neither spray nor pour chemicals
  • Call our professional termite control and inspection team for a thorough service. 

#Damage 02- Fungal Decay

“Fungal decay” commonly refers to rotting. This usually occurs by timber pests. The brown rots are usually formed due to excess moisture and may appear like cubic cracks. Moreover, you may see white rots near windows caused by rainfall. All such rots serve as attractive points for termites. The damp condition suits termites and they make the damage even severe. 

Action needed for fungal decay & termites

  • To avoid fungal decay and termite attacks- replace the timber or use weather flashings
  • Most termites create further damage to fungal decayed woods. This can be skipped by having proper ventilation.

Hire Professional Termite Controllers Now!

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